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laugh 9ut l9ud by Miki-KiChi laugh 9ut l9ud :iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 1 0 Random Heads by Miki-KiChi Random Heads :iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 2 0 MTCPT Fanart -- Jock's Pants by Miki-KiChi MTCPT Fanart -- Jock's Pants :iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 0 1
Heat-Haze Days 1
Your name is Craig Tucker, and your summer is coming to an end.
But since you are Craig Fucking Tucker, you could care less. In school for days, on break for days, no matter what, you're always stuck with the same assholes. That's a fact.
It's August 15, and the clock on your phone says it's 12:30 in the afternoon. It was a particularly nice day today. Not only was the sun shining, but there was no sign of  any sort of South Park related mischief. It was a rare day, and you wanted to enjoy it in the most normal and boring way possibly.
That's why you ended up calling up some of your  friends so you could spend this boring day together. You called Token, completely forgetting that the guy was in California with the family. You called Clyde, but the dumbass always sleeps till one or two in the afternoon during the summer. That only left you to call up one more person.
Lucky enough for you, that person happened to be in South Park, awake, and free to hang out with.
:iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 3 1
Yay for colors! by Miki-KiChi Yay for colors! :iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 0 0 Let's try a suit! by Miki-KiChi Let's try a suit! :iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 0 0 Prince of Heart by Miki-KiChi Prince of Heart :iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 0 0 God Tier Dave - Uncolored by Miki-KiChi God Tier Dave - Uncolored :iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 0 0
Curiosity Saw Death
She was never allowed in that room. She was never supposed to be in there. She went in there anyway. Why? No reason. It's not like she was to blame. That's what her father gets for leaving the door unlocked. He said the room would give her nightmares.
It wasn't that bad. It reminded her of those big buildings with the doctors in them, and she wasn't scared of those anymore, no no. She was a big girl now! Big girls could toughen up to these kinds of places, and they could get on top of those doctor tables by themselves! As if demonstrating this to herself, she climbed onto the top of the one in the middle of the room. Sitting on the cool metal made her uncomfortable through her dress though. Other objects around the room distracted her from this.
On a tray off to the side, strange little tools sat. One of them looked really similar to a butter knife. That was an odd thing to keep in a room like this. Those should be in the kitchen. Curiosity officially peaked, she continued her scrutini
:iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 0 1
Cute Little Edd by Miki-KiChi Cute Little Edd :iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 7 0 I Dunno by Miki-KiChi I Dunno :iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 0 0 This Karkat... by Miki-KiChi This Karkat... :iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 1 7 That Tucker Child by Miki-KiChi That Tucker Child :iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 1 1 Che... by Miki-KiChi Che... :iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 3 0 Jane's Ideal Society by Miki-KiChi Jane's Ideal Society :iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 0 0 A Quick Summary by Miki-KiChi A Quick Summary :iconmiki-kichi:Miki-KiChi 0 1


Rev!AU- Incandescence
the phenomenon of light emission by a body as its temperature is raised
There were so many things registering in his mind at once.
Searing pain, coming from the way his arm was unnaturally twisted behind his back and being forcefully held in place.
The sordid stench of tuna and onion, wafting from a mouth known for its foul language and foul tastes.
The gritty feeling of the brick wall he was up against, which was getting waaay more familar with him than he ever wanted it to. Seriously, his cheeks were going to turn into Swiss cheese at this rate.
But the biggest thing that registered, the only thing that stuck out as being worthy of his attention, was the sight of Eddward’s dog tags dangling not from the safety of his grasp but in the grasp of one of Peach Creek’s Finest. A football player, if the ample p
:iconbuddhathebob:BuddhatheBob 100 15
Rev!AU- The Perfect Label by BuddhatheBob Rev!AU- The Perfect Label :iconbuddhathebob:BuddhatheBob 443 47 HAKUNA MATATA!! by chacckco HAKUNA MATATA!! :iconchacckco:chacckco 29,696 2,280 Supernatural Charmed Vampire Slayers by humon Supernatural Charmed Vampire Slayers :iconhumon:humon 10,669 1,119 Adslahnit by fayntcommissions Adslahnit :iconfayntcommissions:fayntcommissions 471 16 In the Deep by Elentori In the Deep :iconelentori:Elentori 600 17 Dodger and Oliver by chacckco Dodger and Oliver :iconchacckco:chacckco 3,593 199 Making Fiends by Xamag Making Fiends :iconxamag:Xamag 1,125 50 Cosmic Apparel by Cioccolatodorima Cosmic Apparel :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 760 48 The Stratoversian Prince by Loverofpiggies The Stratoversian Prince :iconloverofpiggies:Loverofpiggies 128 21 Just hanging by kindlyanni Just hanging :iconkindlyanni:kindlyanni 241 12 craig by kata-009 craig :iconkata-009:kata-009 463 10 Late Regular show Xmas by animegirl000 Late Regular show Xmas :iconanimegirl000:animegirl000 1,195 25 Kenny by JUJU-NIMATION Kenny :iconjuju-nimation:JUJU-NIMATION 80 15


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United States
I'll just post my doodles and crappy sharpie-colored drawings here. They'll also be posted on other sites.


Stories will also go somewhere else. Though only the first chapter. Usually they'll be on my tumblr or on Fanfiction.


Current Residence: USA, IL
Favourite genre of music: Whatever I like.
Favourite cartoon character: Nutty
Personal Quote: When life gives you lemons, it's to spray lemon juice in your eye.


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